Caine J Nielsen

Operations, Systems, Engineering


I am an engineer with 3+ years of working technical & administrative experience , and an even longer history in supporting both internal corporate teams as well as enterprise-level SaaS clientele with web, desktop native, and server-side software applications. I have experience managing the technical operations of small to medium businesses and administrating both hardware and software workstations across large teams. I crave business data, love to explore business applications, and have excellent attention to detail, which in my case is not a soft skill. I like to build processes, document them, and maintain them. I will automate your workflow, and yes, I have turned it off and back on again. Thank you.

Employment History

A lot of people tell me to leave out jobs on my resume because they might not be relevant to the position I am looking for. I am not going to put those jobs front and center, no, but I won't ever forget a place I have worked, and if you read far enough, you'll find that my employment history goes all the way back to the beginning. Enjoy.

2019 - Current | Nuvi

⚑ System Administrator

NUVI, LLC (Lehi, UT)

Duration: November 2019 - Current

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2017 - 2019 | Banyan

Product & Website Engineer

Banyan, LLC (Orem, UT)

Duration: February 2019 - May 2019

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⚑ IT Support Desk - "The IT Guy"

NUVI, LLC (Lehi, UT)

Duration: May 2019 - October 2019

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Support & On-boarding Specialist

Banyan, LLC (Orem, UT)

Duration: September 2017 - February 2019

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Skills & Experience

A large chunk of my resume and professional persona comes in the form of technical knowledge. These is no right way to put this amount of experience on a paper resume, and even here on this resume site, it is hard to quantify everything I have experience and confidence in. I will do my best to grab the important bits, but please feel free to contact me for more clarification. Thank you.

Workstations & Hardware

  • I'm a Windows veteran, comfortable with macs.

  • Workstation deployment and management.

  • Mobile Device Management Experience.

  • Hardware maintenance and security.

  • Desk phone deployment and config.

Security & Facilities

  • Door lock system management.

  • Key card provisioning and system maintenance.

  • Security camera and event reporting.

  • IOT Device setup

Phones & SIP

Business Suite


  • Staff On-boarding and Off-boarding.

  • IT Help desk & Maintenance.

  • Application Access Controller.

  • Business data management.

  • Secure record management.

Application Management

  • App Store account management.

  • Social API application account management.

  • Vendor account and relationship management.

  • PAAS application account management.

Project Management

SoftwareDevelopment() {

  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Familiar with web frameworks, including React.

  • Familiar with Node.js, NPM, & NVM.

  • Familiar with Express & EJS.

  • Familiar with version control workflow.


CRM & Database

Hosting & DNS

Server Management

  • Basic Linux server administration.

  • Windows server admin & config.

  • Remote desktop and & Remote SSH.

  • Basic mesh network config.

  • Security certificate management.

  • FTP and Network Drive config.

  • Email service configuration.


Hear me out. You are not going to find university degrees here. I am not here to rub a degree or a diploma in your face. Through personal study and on the job experience, I have been able to do great things in my career , and I will continue to do great things for you.

★ Software Engineering Study

Duration: Ongoing...

Ever since I was younger I have had an affinity for software and engineering, and through my adult life, I have always gravitated towards my home PC where I quickly learned entry-level web and native software development skills. I started designing simple landing pages and websites for friends with other ambitions. You can find a few examples of those here. Then, after getting acquainted with front-end technologies, I began expanding my skill set, growing in confidence, and I began considering... Read more...

★ Camera and Digital Photography Course

GoPro, Moduslink

Duration: Winter 2017

★ High School Diploma

Lehi High school, Class of 2015

Duration: Fall 2011 - Summer 2015

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