& Courses

Software Engineering Study

Duration: Ongoing...

Ever since I was younger I have had an affinity for software and engineering, and through my adult life, I have always gravitated towards my home PC where I quickly learned entry-level web and native software development skills. I started designing simple landing pages and websites for friends with other ambitions. You can find a few examples of those here. Then, after getting acquainted with front-end technologies, I began expanding my skill set, growing in confidence, and I began considering my tinkering as a form of study. Each time I worked to build new tools and sites, I got faster, learned how to use more advanced technologies, and found more modern tools, giving me an upper hand, and expanding my knowledge of the web developer ecosystem.

I do not have a code camp or trade school paper to prove my skills, but I have learned a lot on my own and I am still learning every day. I would like to get more experience working with a professional team, as the team engineering workflow is a huge ecosystem outside of building apps and projects on your own. I am confident in admitting here that this will be something I struggle with at first, but I am excited to learn and grow in this direction.

HTML • CSS (Tailwind, W3, Bootstrap, Etc) • JavaScript (Handlebars, React, Vue) • Node.js (Express, GraphQL) • Python • Golang • WordPress/Ghost • Google Cloud Platform • Firebase


Financial and Life Insurance Licencing Course


Duration: Spring 2018

While training in the field as a Financial and Insurance Advisor, I also studied to ace my Financial and Life Insurance Licencing Course. Audio and written studies filled multiple weeks and weekends.

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Camera and Digital Photography Course

GoPro, Moduslink

Duration: Winter 2017

Through the end half of 2016 I worked as an SME for GoPro, the action camera company. We spend over a month and a half outside of the typical technical/product support training to learn how to use and troubleshoot the GoPro cameras, including working with slow-motion effects, differences in quality between the different lenses, frame rates, and with varying exposure, as well as troubleshooting issues with storage devices, media types, and their in-house editing software. The cameras were pretty advanced for being more consumer-driven, and that training helped me in using my own DSLR at home! Our team took part in many multimedia projects during that time, including using the GoPro Karma drone, however I do not have any of that footage available.

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High School Diploma

Lehi High school, Class of 2015

Duration: Fall 2011 - Summer 2015

Graduating from Lehi High School was a great experience, and many of my high school friends have grown to become my teammates and co-workers. It is fun to see how far we have all come.

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