Software Engineering Study

HTML • CSS (Tailwind, W3, Bootstrap, Etc) • JavaScript (Handlebars, React, Vue) • Node.js (Express, GraphQL)

Sequelize • Python • Golang • WordPress/Ghost • Google Cloud Platform • Firebase


Ever since I was younger I have had an affinity for software and engineering, and through my adult life, I have always gravitated towards my home PC where I quickly learned entry-level web and native software development skills. I started designing simple landing pages and websites for friends with other ambitions. You can find a few examples of those here. Then, after getting acquainted with front-end technologies, I began expanding my skill set, growing in confidence, and I began considering my tinkering as a form of study. Each time I worked to build new tools and sites, I got faster, learned how to use more advanced technologies, and found more modern tools, giving me an upper hand, and expanding my knowledge of the web developer ecosystem.

I do not have a code camp or trade school paper to prove my skills, but I have learned a lot on my own and I am still learning every day. I would like to get more experience working with a professional team, as the team engineering workflow is a huge ecosystem outside of building apps and projects on your own. I am confident in admitting here that this will be something I struggle with at first, but I am excited to learn and grow in this direction.

Ecosystem Knowlege Breakdown


  • HTML including using custom components

  • JavaScript, Node.js, NPM, NVM

  • CSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, W3CSS, Handlebars

  • Web app development

  • Vue, Vuex Vue Router

  • Using Git myself

  • Domains/DNS

  • CMS/WordPress/Ghost

  • Firebase

  • Vendor platforms like Twilio/SendGrid

  • Sequelize


  • Express/EJS


  • HTTP requests

  • SQL

  • Web server management

  • React, React Router

  • Server-Side Rendering

  • Using Git within a team

  • Dependency management

  • Email services

  • Python

  • SSL Certificates

  • Google Cloud Services / Products

Broad Strokes

  • GraphQL

  • Database management

  • CI/CD

  • Raw web pack

  • Making SQL query requests

  • Containerization/Docker

  • Golang

  • Creating/managing JavaScript libraries

  • Encryption

  • Cloud infrastructure management

  • AWS Services / Products


HackerRank React.js Certificate


2011 - Began working with markup languages (HTML/CSS).

2012 - Created my first public landing page, hosted by my high school.

2013 - Began using JavaScript to create visual animations and interactive page elements.

2014 - Picked up speed with JavaScript and learned a small amount of Java & Python (Enough to make small games).

2015 - Began working with servers to host video games, including machines in my living room and in the cloud.

2016 - Built my own website, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

2017 - landed my first engineering job working with SQL and with other developers.

2018 - Started using both React and Vue to create more modern applications, major JavaScript improvements.

2019 - Created professional website, migrated to the Google Cloud Platform to make use of all the available products.

2020 - expanded my knowledge with server level applications and cloud services including cloud storage, CDN's, and more.

2021 - Created a web application that multiple users in my wife's company use every day.