Banyan was a software solutions company focused on allowing small businesses, especially those in the medical industry, to build an online reputation, and manage their online presence through both manual and automated features.

Note: Banyan was aquired by Nuvi in May of 2019. The company no longer exists, but many of the staff members, leaders, and of course clients were accepted by Nuvi and were quickly able to benefit from Nuvi's software services. The Banyan platform has since been extended to provide a cleaner experience.

Positions Held

Product & Website Support Engineer

Duration: February 2019 - May 2019

Location: Orem, UT

After a year and a half working with the Banyan account management team, providing technical support to both clients and staff alike, I began working more closely with web service clients, taking design requests, helping with updates to domains, DNS, 3rd party apps, plugins, and integrations, and learning more about the technology around cloud hosting. I still played a role in account on-boarding and enterprise level product support for the Banyan core applications, but my focus shifted to working more closely working with the engineering and website teams.

While working at Banyan, I came to understand a tribal culture, one that was pure, under pressure, but real, and they helped me find who I was, and where I could fit. For that they awarded me The Banyan Beast, an amazing personalized token, reflecting my presence on the company and the challenges that I overcame.

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Support Engineer & Client On-boarding Specialist

Duration: September 2017 - February 2019

Location: Orem, UT

At Banyan, I operated as a support engineer for Banyan's reputation management suite. Not all features or functions existed when Banyan started building it's product platform, so a lot of many tasks needed to be done manually through data base and server work. This included activating product features, changing passwords, creating new users, and moving information between accounts. All of this work was completed by me. This was a cool experience because I learned a lot right off the bat about SAAS and working with the technology that drives companies .

I want to pay a tribute to the state that Banyan was in as a company. Banyan was a start up, through and through, filled with lay offs, an ever changing technical and product stack, stretching quotas, stressed out leadership, and more. I think, like all job experience, this was important for me to learn to navigate. Banyan, being a startup company, came with challenges, but my time spent there was spent well. Not only did Banyan take me farther in my skills as an engineer, but working with multiple teams, and key business members helped me find the people-person in me, and there is always more I can do to help.

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