Product & Website Services Support

Duration: February 2019 - May 2019

Location: Orem, UT


After a year and a half working with the Banyan account management team, providing technical support to both clients and staff alike, I began working more closely with web service clients, taking design requests, helping with updates to domains, DNS, 3rd party apps, plugins, and integrations, and learning more about the technology around cloud hosting. I still played a role in account on-boarding and enterprise level product support for the Banyan core applications, but my focus shifted to working more closely working with the engineering and website teams.

While working at Banyan, I came to understand a tribal culture, one that was pure, under pressure, but real, and they helped me find who I was, and where I could fit. For that they awarded me The Banyan Beast, an amazing personalized token, reflecting my presence on the company and the challenges that I overcame.

Responsibilities & Job Scope

  • Fielding requests from customers of Banyan who's website was hosted on Banyan's server platform.

  • Assisting customers with their domains, DNS, and other technical parts of their service.

  • Supporting Banyan clients who were using the reputation management platform, trained enterprise clients.

  • Installing server side software on client servers to allow integration into the reputation management platform.

  • Logged bugs, feedback, and other technical issues to be reviewed by the engineering team.

  • Updated the production database to accommodate for technical inadequacies of the platform.


  • Created a process for documenting and reporting of bugs and feedback to the engineering team.

  • Created a relationship with the 3rd part web service partner who provided website designers.

  • Assisted the IT Manager in ensuring clients received their equipment and ensured that staff had the tools they needed to operate.

  • Held up with the company during a time of financial stress, wherein the company became difficult to operate in.

My Compensation

When I began working at Nuvi as the IT Support Desk, I was making $19/hour, but was soon offered a small salary increase to $38,000/year.