Nuvi is a software solutions company focused on social data science and providing actionable tools that use analytical data to provide customer support and extend customer experience.

Positions Held

System Administrator

Duration: November 2019 - Current

Location: Lehi, UT

After working as Nuvi's IT guy through the end of 2019, Nuvi offered me a new role as the system administrator. This gave me a new purpose, to manage the app and systems within the company, supporting each department with best technical practices. This was so exciting for me, since the role allowed more freedom, new goals, and more than anything, I got to tinker. I could create and configure, build and deploy, and did things that made working at Nuvi easier! Now, I operate close to the CEO and CTO, and love to be able to help them run their business, and making things that change the way the company runs.

I am still in this role today, and continue to learn more things every day. I still have many ideas and goals in mind for Nuvi, and I hope during my time there I can get more done.

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IT Support Desk - "The IT Guy"

Duration: May 2019 - October 2019

Location: Lehi, UT

Banyan's time came to and end in May 2019. We were acquired by Nuvi, and immediately we moved our team into their building in Thanksgiving Point. From there, we all received new roles. I began work as the IT Guy, acting as an internal help desk. I took control of the company on a technical level, creating structure, increasing security, and providing in-office technical support. At first a large amount of my work was related to getting the rest of the Banyan team integrated into Nuvi as well as helping the Nuvi team ingest the company, including client data, application and system access and more. In return, I learned a lot about Nuvi and expanded to serving the rest of the company.

A have to give credit to Brett Flake who had originally promoted me as a good fit for the position and helped me gain access to Banyan before he left to continue other ventures.

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My Sponsors

I wanted to include messages from my team members from Nuvi here, I had started collecting feedback while in my role as the System Administrator, and I am not embarrassed to let me sponsors do the talking.

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