System Administrator

Duration: November 2019 - Current

Location: Lehi, UT


After working as Nuvi's IT guy through the end of 2019, Nuvi offered me a new role as the system administrator. This gave me a new purpose, to manage the app and systems within the company, supporting each department with best technical practices. This was so exciting for me, since the role allowed more freedom, new goals, and more than anything, I got to tinker. I could create and configure, build and deploy, and did things that made working at Nuvi easier! Now, I operate close to the CEO and CTO, and love to be able to help them run their business, and making things that change the way the company runs.

I am still in this role today, and continue to learn more things every day. I still have many ideas and goals in mind for Nuvi, and I hope during my time there I can get more done.

Responsibilities & Job Scope

  • Provide basic technical support to NUVI staff.

    • “My monitor is not working”.

    • “This Apple TV won’t finish updating.”

    • “My key card won’t let me into the gym.”

  • Maintain a record of the hardware assets throughout the company as well as maintains the organization of the NUVI tech closet.

    • Laptops

    • TV Display devices

    • ComputeSticks and Cast devices

    • Cords, adapters, accessories

  • Manage and gate paid-for licenses in vendor accounts, provisioning, and de-provisioning when needed.

    • G Suite

    • Slack

    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    • ZoomInfo

    • Zendesk

    • OnSIP

    • Microsoft Office

    • Adobe Creative Cloud

    • Zoom

  • Ensures that all vendor accounts have a non-human sign-in that can be used to gain global access to our accounts, even when I or other members with access leave the company.

  • Communicate with the NUVI team on vendor account changes, including...

    • Services/product change

    • Account renewals

    • Payment issues or updates

    • Changes in account management

  • Manage the NUVI team Wiki, keeping it up to date with real-time company and team information and documentation.

  • Manage the key card system shared between NUVI and the owners of our building, cleaning up access, reporting usage to STACK, and resolving issues with access.

  • Manage the technical relationship and requests coming from sub letters in our building in terms of key cards, server room access, and other miscellaneous maintenance.

  • Manage the technical onboarding of NUVI employees, enabling system access, providing them with a machine to use to work, accessories, a place to sit, and basic company access and information resources.

  • Manage the technical offboarding of NUVI employees, disabling system access, collecting hardware assets, and restricting site access.

  • Audit domains used across the company for both internal and client use, and letting old domains go and renewing used domains as needed.

  • Manage the relationships between Nuvi and it's web service providers that provides contracted services for Nuvi clients.

  • Manage the wired and wireless network for the Lehi office, including keeping tabs on network performance, and providing technical troubleshooting during network issues or outages.

  • Act as the T2 technical support for Banyan clients in situations where a CSM would not have the access or training to resolve an issue.

    • Also providing technical features to the CSMs that are not available from their position including client data exports, database audits, and more.

  • Operate as the primary administrator for G Suite and Microsoft, updating licenses, settings, channels, email features, integrations, and more.

  • Operate as the primary administrator for the business phone system, ensuring phone calls are routed to the correct place, and updating the phone directory.

  • Play a role in managing access to our 3rd party APIs as well as requesting additional API features to be made available from the API vendors.


  • I assisted in the acquisition of Jump, a software company wherein we were interested in their technologies on a systematic level, ensuring business properties were not lost, NUVI system and application access was provisioned, and Jump system and application access was consolidated.

  • I cleaned up the hardware around the office and organized the company's hardware assets to ensure that everything was secured and accounted for, documenting as I went.

  • I created and maintained documentation for Hardware, Apps and Systems, Team Members, Domains, Key Cards, and more.

  • I assisted Banyan product leaders in gaining access to vendor accounts and platforms needed to study and maintain the Banyan platform until it was able to be consolidated.

  • I updated our vendor application accounts, removing old users, adding new ones who did not have access and reduced license cost.

  • I updated our communication paths for both Banyan and Jump clients and incorporated them into the NUVI support process and layout.

  • I created a vision for an IT Help desk where team members have a single point to gain access and support for Nuvi’s internal resources.

  • I created the Nuvi team Wiki wherein Nuvi team members can look up valuable and useful team information as well as work with the IT team to add information specific to their team processes.

  • I updated G Suite with additional email features and security, accessibility improvements, and integrations, including SAML.

  • I consolidated company owned domains, DNS records, and hosting accounts between the multiple entities and ensured that we have access and ownership to business properties.

  • I consolidated duplicate accounts brought on between the multiple organization entities and ensured that team members have access to historic records for those applications.

  • I standardized and documented the staff on boarding and off boarding processes and worked closely with human resources to ensure that technical access was available to new team members.

  • I gained access to Nuvi network components and machines that were left otherwise un-managed and documented their setup, features, and troubleshooting for the Nuvi team.

My Compensation

When I began working at Nuvi as the System Administrator, I was making $40,000/year, but was soon offered a salary increase to $45,000/year.

Industry and Career Research

I had researched the System Administrator role online to verify that my responsibilities at Nuvi were typical compared to what I had been doing at Nuvi and they very closely align with the standard System Administrator role.

Below I have included some details about that role including common responsibilities, rates of compensation, as well as additional goals I could set for myself and for NUVI.

"The System Administrator"

A system administrator is a professional who is held accountable for network setup, providing a reliable work environment, particularly whereby multi-user computers are associated with the LAN network. System Administrator requirements include an in-depth understanding of computer software, hardware, and networks.

The IT System Administrator has to design, organize, modify and support the organization’s computer systems. These professionals have to upgrade and manage the software and hardware. The IT System Administrator should handle any issues related to Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks, and Network segments. It is the System Administrator who maintains operating systems, business applications, security tools, web-servers, email, laptops, and desktop PCs.

In an organization, every task that is performed by the system administrator requires an uninterrupted internet connection, which is maintained by the system administrator. The primary task of the System Administrator is system monitoring. Usually, the professional take care of new accounts set-up and active directory administration. They are responsible for running reports on system performance. An IT system Administrator is responsible to optimize and lead process improvement.

These professionals take charge of the staff, user credentials, and frameworks. They will make sure that the systems are safe and secure from breaches or viruses. System Administrators plays an essential role in risk mitigation planning. They design and implement training for staff.

The details outlined above, proves that system administrators are incredibly valuable for businesses.

See more information here.