The Caine and Rebekah Nielsen Foundation

A little corny isn't it? That's okay. I built a website that I use to promote my skills and show off my front end skills. I will admit it is a bit dated in terms of technology, but I still find myself coming back to it to review the design scheme and what not.

  • It is built using Google Firebase and Firebase Functions.

  • All of the components were made by hand, no component libraries were used in the making of the customer objects and layout.

  • The site shows off other projects I have made, including some of my work with Adobe After Effects.

Check it out here: caineandrebekah.com.

The Digital Resume

How are you going to find this project? Haha! You are already here. I consider this resume site a piece of my portfolio, it takes a lot of time, even with a nifty CMS to place all the content, collect the images, and organize everything into a full blow resume site.

  • I own the cainenielsen.com domain and in the future you will see additional pages and applications built under it.

  • The resume site is built in Google Sites and features different Google office tools that make up some of the features.

  • The site is meant to be my full extended resume, but if you prefer, you can check out the paper addition as well.

Check it out here: resume.cainenielsen.com.

The HubStruct Project

The HubStruct project is my latest venture, I felt like I needed a more SaaSy domain to build and show of my skills. The idea is to create an ORM, an object relationship management platform that allows users to take full control of the business data.

  • The site and web application work together using React and associated libraries, and is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

  • The web application uses material design as well as a few custom components all built myself in React.

  • The ORM idea came from my time spent using CRMs in different positions and seeing a similar lack in base functionality.

Check it out here: hubstruct.com.

Austin Guerrero

Austin is a buddy of mine, and an upcoming directory. After some time spent hearing about his amazing video projects, he asked if I would put together a basic website for him. This site is pretty basic, but is just another example of standing up a simple project quickly and in an inexpensive way.

Check it out here: austinguerrero.com.

Spicy Thai Express

After becoming close friends with the owners of Spicy Thai and Spicy Thai Express in Lehi, I was offered some content to build a website for the restaurant. I don't usually do contract work, but maybe I can drive them some new business and get them some free noodles.

Check it out here: spicy-thai-website.web.app

GitHub & CodePen

If you want to see my software engineering skills, the best places to go are either GitHub or CodePen, I use both for projects big and small, and though not all of it is pretty, it shows that I am always trying to learn more and expand my view.

Check out my GitHub or my CodePen here.

Clicker Game

I created a basic clicker game that you can run in your browser. Collect enough carrots to start collecting wood, and enough wood to... well you get the idea.

Check it out here: https://github.com/cainenielsen/clicker-game.

Work with Adobe After Affects

Web design and software development aren't my only skills, and though I don't feel like I fit in a creative or marketing team, I feel like I have explored the audio video industry enough to know my way around. I occasionally dip into some Adobe products to create cool artwork or short animations. More can be found on YouTube, but again, I am not shooting for being YouTube famous, so don't expect a TV show.

Check my YouTube channel out here.

Top-down browser game

I created a basic top-down game that renders map chunks as the player moves and will eventually feature randomly generated content. Imagine an open world Pokemon with more crafting and less Pikachu.

Check it out here: https://github.com/cainenielsen/wasd-game.

Ghost blog

I wanted to create a place where I could speak my mind and link to content that I love. Ghost made it easy to create a simple blog wherein I could customize the front end and manage my content easily.

Check it out here: https://memo.cainenielsen.com