Skills & Experience

"It is safe to say that I love what I do. Working with technology is fun, and helping others use technology is even more so. I like to explore with new and different tools, learn more about the ones I use every day, and promote best technical practices."

"I believe that a wide experience set is more important than specializing in only one area, in the world we live in today, the most flexible team members are the ones that keep up."

Workstations & Hardware

Outside of the world of software, apps, and systems, I have also had a lot of experience with hardware, including managing and provisioning and providing maintenance for workstations, setting up IOT devices, using MDM software to provision security settings and manage compliance, and setting up workplace desk phones.

  • I'm a Windows veteran, but I am comfortable with macs as well. I have provisioned both types of machines.

  • I have workstation deployment and management experience, setting up laptops and desktop machines, setting security rules and have some experience in active directory.

  • I have Mobile Device Management Experience, specifically working with platforms like Meraki.

  • I have done a lot of basic hardware maintenance and security, managing inventory of work stations, fixing issues, working with hardware vendors etc.

  • Desk phone deployment and config is pretty easy, I have experience working with different systems, but mainly Polycom phones.

Security & Facilities

I have worked with more facilities type of systems and hardware, the type of stuff you done once and hope you never have to set it up again (which is why you do it right the first time). This includes managing the security system, door locks, key cards, camera, etc. I have played the role of "digital bouncer" before.

  • Door lock system management is something I have some experience in, but the learning curve on those applications can vary widely.

  • I have worked in two positions where I gained key card provisioning and system maintenance experience, but again, the applications involved can vary from DOS to a modern web portal as well as anywhere in between.

  • I don't plan on being a security guard, but I have experience working with security cameras and reporting facility events.

  • I am comfortable setting up cameras, TVs, computer sticks, and other IOT Devices.

Phones & SIP

Phone systems are a treat because, most companies already have something built out, and they need someone who can manage and customize it. I have experience in many phone system apps, but each is different. Luckily, I am familiar with the most common ones.

  • I wanted to list the phone systems I have experience in: OnSIP, Jive, & Five9. I have deployed and supported all of these systems.

  • I also have Google Voice, Zoom Phone, & Dial Pad experience, most of these solutions are pretty easy to use. Cloud based, and not a lot of set up involved.

  • I have done a good amount of IVR Setup and Phone Tree Config, including routing calls to different teams, voice recordings, business hour rules, etc.

  • I have been told that I am an "Excellent voice actor".

Business Suite

The skills below may sounds pretty general, and they are supposed to be, this is pretty basic admin stuff here, but having experience with these tools helps me secure business information and configure settings that make it easy for everyone to get to work.

  • I have played the G Suite admin role before and have explored using SAML Authentication.

  • I am all to comfortable with Google products, I follow that company like a hawk.

  • the companies I have worked for have also used Microsoft Office aside from G Suite, which was always fun. I would like to learn more about Microsoft business products.

  • For the marketing and design teams, I was able to help ensure that Adobe Creative Cloud set up and configured properly for the team.


The below skills are not related to a single app or system and instead or more about providing that internal admin technical support we all need in a growing business. I have played a technical support role internally for team members as well as externally for enterprise level clients. Believe me, I have tried turning it off and back on again.

  • I have played a major role in Staff On-boarding and Off-boarding, setting up and removing access. I had at one point been called the technical executioner.

  • I have supported my team as the IT Help desk & Maintenance team. (Team of 1)

  • I have acted as the Application Access Controller, meaning I tell people no a lot sleuth out passwords that could be lost to the business.

  • Business data management is fun for me because I like to see the data at scale. Whether it be keeping inventory of something, tracking leads, inbound requests, tickets, etc.

  • When I say, Secure record management, what I mean is that I manage the password and secure credential app in the business, updating information, periodically checking credentials, etc.

Application Management

In SAAS especially, there is a huge need for an account manager of a different kind, not for clients, but for vendors. I have totally played that role, looking for deals, consolidating costs, managing access, and ensuring everyone has what they need to work.

  • There has been App Store account management, where Google Play is a breeze and the Apple app store if bogged down by red tape and you have to cut your way through it.

  • Social API application account management is the next, where the business relies on a 3rd party API from a social media outlet and they need someone to report on usage.

  • Then there is general vendor account and relationship management, which normally includes Zoom meeting, and is simply the act of managing the subscription and services from that vendor.

  • Finally there is PAAS application account management, which typically includes cloud hosting providers, Twilio, and other platforms that the engineering team needs. Basically, they use it, I just make sure it gets paid for.

Project Management

Most of the skills below relate to more engineering type roles, including software developers, DevOps team members, product managers and more. I have never specifically had a product team role, but I would love to explore that in my career.

  • I have Jira and Jira Service Desk Administration experience.

  • I have a general understanding of Kan ban, Gantt Charts, and application production timeline.

  • I am more than familiar with Atlassian products, since many of the companies I have worked at used them.

  • I have administrated both Slack & Microsoft Teams and have set up and deployed them both to teams.

  • Some Microsoft DevOps experience is baked in there too, if you are into that sort of thing.

SoftwareDevelopment() {

I am a software developer, and below is a basic chart of my skills in that area of expertise. If you want to see projects and examples of my skills as a software developer, check out the portfolio page. I want to reiterate that most of my experience has come from personal studying in my free time.

  • I am proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the essentials of a front-end developer.

  • I am familiar with web frameworks, including React, which I use commonly in my personal projects.

  • I am familiar with Node.js, NPM, & NVM and writing basic server-side applications.

  • My Node.js experience comes with Express & EJS.

  • I am familiar with version control workflow.


Psst, Want to see some code? Check out my Portfolio!

CRM & Database

I thought a special section for the applications that literately control our corporate lives would be perfect. the CRM is a crazy place, and anyone with CRM management and sales/support processes

Hosting & DNS

Not only has my software development hobby also taught me a lot about hosting, DNS, and PAAS, and other environment tools, but my time working with the Banyan Web Service team has helped me grow in this space, registering domains, creating DNS records, mapping custom domain and DNS features, setting filters and security rules, creating hosting sites, with or without CMSs, and using web hosting managers.

Server Management

I have had general server management experience, I am in no way a DevOps or Server specialist, but I am comfortable with accessing, setting up, and configuring servers and server features.

  • Basic Linux server administration.

  • Windows server admin & config.

  • Remote desktop and & Remote SSH.

  • Basic mesh network config.

  • Security certificate management.

  • FTP and Network Drive config.

  • Email service configuration.